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BHR Group produces a programme of long-standing conferences and symposia that are highly regarded within their fields. The high academic quality of our peer-reviewed papers makes them the go-to events for a number of industries. 

24th International Conference on 
Fluid Sealing
Manchester, UK, 7th - 8th March 2018

Pre-conference course -
'Practical Considerations on
Sealing Duties and Reliability'

Manchester, UK, 6th March 2018

Registration now open!

Sealing systems have become a major success story. Once everyone knew where a seal was fitted and how to change it. Now seals are usually installed well away from view and only come to the attention of end users in the very rare event of a leakage occurring. This has been achieved through improvements in design, material developments and taking a systems approach where all components, such as metal interfaces, are considered.

However, the challenges for seal operation continue to become more extreme. We have competing demands of pressures, temperatures, chemicals, restrictions on leakage, requirements for ‘fit and forget’, self-monitoring, maintenance prediction, energy efficiency and even the concept of self-adjusting seals.

The conference offers the opportunity for Systems and Process Engineers, Materials Technologists, equipment operators and end users to update themselves on developing technologies, to meet world experts on sealing systems, to learn from applications, case studies and practices and to discuss opportunities with service and product suppliers.

In addition to the conference, BHR will be holding a pre-conference course. This half day training course on Sealing duties and reliability has been specifically developed for design engineers working for equipment manufacturers and for maintenance/operations engineers who are not sealing experts.



North American Conference on 
Multiphase Production Technology
Banff, Canada, 6th - 8th June 2018

Registration opening soon!

BHR Group is honoured to present this unique event in celebration of Professor Jim Brill’s 80th Birthday.  Professor Brill is one of the legends in the field multiphase flow and production.  His pioneering work, through Tulsa University Fluid Flow Projects, on large-scale experimental analysis and mechanistic modeling of multiphase flow transformed oil and gas industry practices and helped the offshore industry expand its horizons.  Be part of this unique event honouring one of the field’s foremost researchers. Submit your abstract today for the chance to present your work to an International audience of your peers from industry and academia.

Since its inception in 1998, the conference has established itself as the premier international event, providing delegates with opportunities to discuss new research and developments, to consider innovative solutions, and to explore technology transfer between industries.  Its technical quality makes this conference an essential diary date for designers, engineers, and engineering decision makers concerned with any aspect of multiphase technology.

Multiphase flows are found in a wide range of engineering applications, and continue to pose challenges to both research scientists and industrial practitioners.  This event seeks to bring together experts from academia and industry, to further understanding of the fundamental behaviour and mechanisms of multiphase flows.

24th International Conference on 
Water Jetting 
Manchester, UK, 5th - 6th September 2018

Call for papers open!


BHR Group’s involvement with water jets began in 1972, with the first International Symposium on Jet Cutting Technology, held at the University of Warwick in Coventry.

The early conferences were aimed at academia, as would be expected from an emerging technology with new research opportunities. As time has progressed the technology has matured and so the conference has become a broad mix of academia, operators, and manufacturers, more about the application of water jets, problem solving and technology transfer, not just the theory. This will be an event to remember! 


International Conference on 
Pressure Surges
Bordeaux, France, 14th - 16th November 2018

Call for papers open!


The Pressure Surges conference series has been running since 1972, with forerunners in 1971 and 1970, and it continues to bring together practical engineers and theoretical academics, young and old, inexperienced and specialist, from all over the world. It is the leading conference in the area and the proceedings are proven books of reference for anyone interested in the subject.

The 13th conference will embrace both traditional and novel subjects, as listed below. Industrial papers will present case studies, each telling its own story. Research papers will give updates on the latest developments in modelling, simulating and validating pressure surges. Dedicated Forum papers will stimulate audience interaction with presenters and will complement other discussion and debate sessions dedicated to interactive participation.