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Oil, gas and petrochemicals

Expanding our solutions for the hydrocarbon supply chain

BHR Group is a renowned global leader in the provision of specialist consultancy services and fluid expertise to the oil, gas and petrochemicals market.  We have the exceptional advantage of being able to provide a diverse range of engineering services in-house for the hydrocarbon supply chain encompassing production, processing, transportation, storage and distribution.

A combination of engineering skills and investment in key technologies gives BHR a unique capability for the flow assurance of pipeline transportation systems, subsea equipment and surface facilities. This has been used in a variety of projects across the complete spectrum of flow assurance activities and is available on either a single client basis - focusing on a specific project need, or for an industrial consortium addressing more strategic engineering issues.

We have a range of test facilities that can physically replicate the flow assurance requirements for oil and gas production operations in a controlled laboratory environment. As a private company we also offer dedicated and bespoke test rigs for impartial qualification testing and wealth of technical expertise for novel oil and gas product development. With computer aided design tools that simulate the fluid physical and chemical behaviour of fluids in pipelines, processing and fluids handling equipment, BHR Group offers a comprehensive range of capabilities suited to many emerging flow assurance challenges including, deepwater, HPHT, heavy oils and complex fluids.

BHR Group is the preferred engineer for the development and factory acceptance testing of downhole equipment for a major international oil and gas company. Constructed in 2013 to the exacting standards of our client, this sophisticated facility is an open access test rig allowing our engineers to test and study downhole pumping, separation, pressure measurement, multiphase flow-metering, monitoring, integrity, leak and pressure testing and drilling fluids.

We work directly with clients supplying oil & gas sealing solutions, ensuring that they continue to provide high performance sealing solutions to the oil and gas industry. Sealing techniques can range from downhole drilling motors to oil platform tensioner systems, from subsea valves to refinery separation equipment. We have the tools to analyse oil and gas permeation, sealing effectiveness and ageing together with hysteresis in non-elastic seals.

All the work undertaken at our premises is underpinned by the highest standards of safety and sustainability. 


  • On-site engineering
  • Validation testing and/or numerical simulation
  • Failure analyses and condition assessment
  • Contract and collaborative research
  • Material and stress analysis including FEA
  • Fluid flow analysis including CFD
  • Liquid, gas, solid flows in pipes and components
  • Flow in pipes, pressure loss, friction, turbulence flow in control and metering devices
  • Fluid permeation or diffusion through materials
  • Pump, valve, actuator, fittings
  • Fluid and material contamination and degradation
  • Noise, vibration and cavitation
  • High pressure and temperature components
  • Seal and sealing system integrity or leakage
  • Surface coatings and surface roughness
  • Proof, fatigue and burst pressure
  • Product development