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Specialist Training

BHR Group runs specialist training courses, interactive webinars and client engineering workshops in a number of our core fluid handling areas of expertise. 

Delivered at BHR Group's offices on the Cranfield University Campus or Kents Hill Park Training and Conference Centre in Milton Keynes, our calendar of public courses covers a range of fluid engineering disciplines and industries.We also now offer web based attendance on all of our courses at a discounted rate. 

Alternatively, we can bring our experts to you and deliver customised in-house training tailored to your company's needs and at a location of your choice.


Slurry Handling - Pumping and Pipeline Design 

This course will provide an understanding of the hydraulics of slurry flow in pipes. It focuses on how an effective slurry pipeline system can be best achieved through appropriate assessment of relevant slurry physical properties, pipe sizing, and pump selection and sizing.

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Improving Mixing Processes

The course will communicate principles of fluid mixing, provide recommendations for process design and scale-up and enable participants to apply these to their mixing processes/problems. Additionally the course will discuss specifications for the optimal selection and operation of mixing equipment.

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We offer a wide a range of free webinars, enabling customers to share our expertise and gain expert advice across a range of fluid handling topics and real-life industrial process challenges.

Our webinars are an ideal introduction to our areas of expertise. You may subsequently decide to join one of our short courses which cover the topics in greater depth and as a webinar attendee, you will be eligible for a discount on our course fees. Alternatively, if you have a complex fluid handling problem, why not talk to our experts about how our consultancy services could help you?

Our next webinars:

Fluid Mixing: The Impact of Mixing on Process Performance Thursday 27th September, 12.30 p.m. BST

Join us for an introduction to mixing in an industrial context. We will be focusing on the benefits gained from considering the impact of mixing on process performance properly, and demonstrating the consequences of inappropriate mixer design.

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Slurry Handling: Pumping & Pipeline Design.Tuesday 9th October at 1.00 p.m. BST.

This webinar provides a one-hour overview of the technologies and calculations to design a slurry pipeline system. It focuses on how an effective slurry pipeline system can be best achieved through appropriate assessment or measurement of relevant slurry physical properties, estimation of frictional pressure losses for both “non-settling” slurries and settling slurry, pump selection, and slurry tank design.

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