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Nuclear Generation

Using our many years of experience (125+ projects) in new build and decommissioning. We advise clients on fluid handling systems design, flow distribution, intake and outfall modelling, pressure surges and thermal effects. We also advise on mechanical design and material selection for dynamic and static sealing systems, including customised testing services for components.

Our full range of services is detailed below:

  • Flow component qualification and certification.
  • Flows in primary containment structures e.g. LOCA investigations.
  • Cooling, fire system and component design modelling and testing, including seawater intakes, pump houses, valves, pumps and pipework components.
  • Operational modelling of fluid supply networks including flow distribution, steady-state and transient analysis, emergency shutdown.
  • Air flow prediction and control in contained areas during processing and filling operations.
  • Selection and design of sealing systems, materials and components for all nuclear plant applications.


  • Development and characterisation of specialised simulants
  • Agitation and jet mixer designs for a wide range of process and storage vessels
  • Mixing and characterisation of cements and handling systems for encapsulation processes
  • Solids dredging, re-suspension, pumping and separation of long term storage materials
  • Sealing and containment
  • Remote abrasive jet cutting in active environments
  • Seal and gasket design including permeation and life prediction
  • Asbestos replacement studies
  • Material stability studies on reactor composites and components
  • Design and testing of sealing systems for specialised machinery