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Where we operate 


  • Independent verification of a new impeller for gas-liquid mixing
  • Lithium Tracer testing and verification of digester performance

United Kingdom

  • Design and testing of a novel nuclear waste decommissioning vessel system   
  • CFD modelling of multiphase nuclear skip movement across storage ponds
  • Hydraulic modelling of interception chambers
  • Mathematical modelling for the flow, and low temperature operation of an offshore welding valve
  • Design, build and operation of shallow test well facility with elevated pressure and temperature conditions for testing of downhole devices
  • Dynamic seal tests with hydrocarbon under high pressure and temperature conditions
  • Aircraft pressure switch fatigue testing


  • Bio reactor process optimisation and subsequent scale-up
  • Process intenisification of a pharmaceutical process route for improved yield and reduced operating costs
  • Optimisation of equipment for a nanomaterial dispersion process
  • Design and build of water based actuator for the Food & Drink and Pharmacutical industries
  • Thermal cooldown test of large subsea valves

South Africa

  • Review of coal tar/solids transfer philosphy to assist with the identification of process devices (pumps, filters, inline mixing devices) for the safe transportation though a slurry pipe system
  • Design study to for the transportation of a highly exothermic hydrocarbon product

Saudi Arabia

  • CFD modelling of multiphase petrochemical reactor


  • Design and the subsequent model testing of a submersible pump test facility


  • Characterisation of a range of bespoke impeller designs