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Meet our Energy & Power Team

Our Energy & Power Industry experts bring decades of research and development experience to bear on clients' projects. With specialists in process optimisation, hydraulic analysis and design of fluid power systems, component testing, site audits and troubleshooting, we can address the needs of energy and power clients across the industry spectrum. 

Mark Fairhurst, Technical Director

Mark’s expertise in fluid power technologies drives his insight across the entire sector, with particular emphasis in systems design, contamination control, product development and testing.

His association with the Energy & Power sector started with the development of cutting systems for hazardous environments - offshore, petrochemical plants and decommissioning nuclear facilities. Recent work has included down-hole equipment, wellhead injection and control valves, multi-phase flowmeters and LNG unloading systems. He has also performed simulations and physical modelling of FPSO cooling systems. 

His experience with renewable energy projects ranges from feasibility studies to field deployable prototypes.

Carl Wordsworth, Senior Consultant

Carl is a highly qualified oil and gas product development engineer, with 17 years experience in fluids research and development, project management and product development.

He spent 10 years developing compact in-line cyclonic technology for numerous separation duties for the oil and gas industry.  Personally responsible for the design, development and testing of a two stage oil-water separator, he oversaw the project from  a small scale concept study, to testing a 3,500bpd system offshore in Norway and finally developing the full scale 25,000bpd unit.

Carl has presented at numerous conferences around the world and has published several papers regarding the oil-water separation technology.  He is the holder of several patents and patent applications regarding separation technologies for the oil and gas industry.

Emily Ho, Senior Consultant

Emily’s 20 years of experience encompasses thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, process engineering, fluid sealing and material science. Emily has applied her know-how working with high pressure extreme temperature testing of inflammable fluids, toxic gases, bioethanol, steam, process chemicals and cryogenic fluids.

These skills ensure her consultancy work in finite element modelling of elastomer seals in valves and actuators, gaskets in fuel cell stacks, nuclear fuel transport flasks, gas transmission systems and hose, cable and polymer liner integrity studies is keenly regarded and authoritative.

Emily has been a member of the IMechE oil, gas and chemical committee since 2003. She has published some 30 technical papers, proceedings and articles, including the definitive Research Report RR485 for the Health and Safety Executive, UK (HSE), advising the oil and gas industry in the use of elastomeric seals for rapid gas decompression applications in high-pressure service.

Craig Knight, Senior Engineer

Craig has nine years experience of fluid engineering projects in market sectors including Oil and Gas, Nuclear Generation and Energy.

Since joining BHR Group he has gained experience in product design, development and qualification of systems including the design of a water hydraulics wave energy converter.  He also contributed in the design of BHR Groups’ 43m deep, 290 bar downhole test facility.

Craig has considerable experience in flow testing with single and multiphase incompressible and compressible fluids, hazardous testing with hydrocarbons at HPHT and thermal cooldown testing of subsea equipment.

Geoff  Robinson, Senior Consultant

An accomplished biopolymer scientist, rheologist, and inventor, Geoff is the author and co-author of over twenty papers published in biopolymer and oilfield journals worldwide.

He has initiated and coordinated research and development projects in the areas of solids suspension, low shear rate and drag reduction in straight and coiled tubing, focusing on ways to avoid or reduce rig down time.

He developed and commercialised the “Power clean” product range for well bore coiled tubing cleanout and has designed patentable instrumentation to measure flow and deformation properties of drilling, cementing and completion fluids.

Geoff’s other areas of interest include the study of processes behind the formation (and inhibition of hydrates), together with the development of new experimental techniques to study viscous bitumous oils, heavy oils and tar sands.  He has presented internationally on this work.

Geoff is the holder of seven U.S. patents and is a regular speaker at national and international conferences and meetings on innovations in drilling, fracturing, cementing and clean out fluid technologies.