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Higher, Faster, Safer

The integrity of engineered systems is increasingly becoming more regulated, more highly scrutinised and more subject to conflicting engineering demands.

The provision of specialist knowledge in fluid engineering, a discipline that encompasses hydrodynamics, hydraulic transport, high-pressure engineering and fluid power knowledge is becoming an ever more significant requirement in many industries. 

The BHR Group ESI team are experts in design, development and validation services for fluid power systems, with the capability to test, analyse and propose improvements to mechanical designs in many specialist engineered systems.

Your Needs

Challenges in design, validation and optimisation can result in lengthy project times and costly delays. The importance of engineers experienced in fluid engineering, hydrodynamics and computational simulation on the profitability and safety of engineered systems systems cannot be overstated. BHR offers experienced engineers who understand the problems associated with fluid power, high pressures and safety critical systems.

Our Experience

Our ESI team provides core expertise in hydraulics and process technology underpinning asset management, resource planning, cost reduction and legislative compliance.

Our approach is to work in close co-operation with you to understand the specific and individual needs and drivers, so that we can provide solutions that are both technologically sound and commercially viable.

Alongside access to some of the industry’s leading practitioners, availability, reliability and procedural integrity are factors that are paramount to your choice of partner, and these are fundamental to the service we provide. BHR Group believes that a deadline is a commitment – on time and on budget, with no compromise in quality.