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Product Development, Testing & Verification Services

Our Services:

BHR offers dedicated and bespoke test rigs for impartial qualification testing and product development. We have a range of test facilities that can physically replicate the range of on-site working and environmental conditions which we use in the modelling and understanding of flow assurance, thermal management, high pressure and high temperature applications. We work with operators and manufacturers in subsea oil & gas, nuclear, aerospace and defence to ensure that their fluid power systems are robust and operationally reliable.

Flow Testing

When you need to determine the performance characteristics of compressible or incompressible fluids, BHR's test rigs offer a wide range of test services to evaluate flow characteristics, and parameters such as pressure drop, closed seat and leak test, linearity and hysteresis, endurance testing and noise and vibration.

High Pressure / Extreme Temperature

BHR has facilities to test components and systems at high pressure and extremes of temperature. Whether it's valves & actuators, manifolds, gaskets, hose, tube and ducts or instrumentation, BHR rigs can test for pressure fatigue, burst pressure, leakage and thermal cycling.

Materials Testing

Designed to establish the permeation coefficients of seals, hoses and diaphragms to evaluate performance and functional life of polymer components, BHR's material testing services cover permeation, ageing, hysteresis, mechanical testing and friction and wear.

Down-Hole Testing

Our down-hole testing facility is capable of testing with single or multiphase flow at elevated pressure and temperature, offering a down-hole environment for product development, testing and type approval of equipment, such as pumps, jet pumps, separators and instrumentation.