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Downhole Test Facility


Our Services:

With the growing need for deepwater exploration and production and future plans for ultradeep wells, the reliability of subsea and downhole equipment is of vital concern to the sector.

BHR’s downhole test facility provides companies with an easily-accessible, onshore facility that accurately reproduces downhole conditions to achieve your test objectives economically.


With the capacity to achieve 40bar at the base of the well, BHR’s facility can simulate a 400m fluid depth with representative well conditions for development, performance and reliability testing of components and systems. It is able to test with a variety of fluids in single or multiphase flow at elevated pressure and temperature for extended durations.

The facility incorporates accurate, high speed measurements of downhole pressure, temperature and flow ensuring that product performance can be mapped under a range of conditions and providing a comprehensive equipment testing capability.


The facility can be used for product development and qualification testing / type approval of downhole equipment, such as:

  • Pumping equipment
  • Jet pumps
  • Separators
  • Instrumentation
  • Drilling fluids