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Water Jet Cutting & Cleaning

Abrasive water jet cutting delivers a range of benefits over mechanical and other cutting systems. This cold cutting technique is ideal for decontamination, decommissioning and work in explosive and hazardous environments where heat would have a detrimental effect.

BHR’s water jetting systems are used in a wide range of specialist applications where cold, precise cutting and cleaning with minimal secondary contamination, is critical. 


For over 40 years BHR Group has designed, built and sold or licenced specialist high pressure cold-cutting and cleaning abrasive water jetting products. Using proprietary suspension slurry technology the modular design of the OSPREY cutting system can be adapted to meet specific applications that are difficult-to-access or hazardous to people and the environment. 
The cutting systems are capable of cutting through virtually any known material and do so in a highly controlled and heat-free way making them ideal for decommissioning, refurbishment and maintenance work in hazardous and explosive environments or where heat would have a detrimental effect on the material being cut.

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