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DIAJET - the most powerful water-abrasive jet cutting & cleaning product on the market

DIAJET (Direct Injection of Abrasive Jet) is a cold-cutting technique that suspends solid particles as a slurry into high pressure water jets of 100-1000 bar. Cutting performance is up to five times greater than alternative water-abrasive techniques, making DIAJET the most powerful tool of its kind.

Advantages of DIAJET

Versatility - DIAJET is a modular, reconfigurable cutting or cleaning system that can be readily adapted to your needs. 

Safety - Waterjetting is a cold cut technique with no condition for ignition, therefore DIAJET can cut in hazardous or explosive environments. 

Precision cutting at a distance - Vibration is minimised through low pressure/flowrate and reaction forces at the cutting nozzle. This makes precise cutting at distance a reality. 

Minimum secondary contamination Low flow and precision cutting means less waste to reprocess.

Small equipment footprint - The system delivers greater cutting power at lower flow and pressure, which means smaller pumping equipment.

Single, smaller diameter hose delivery
- DIAJET pre-mixes the water abrasive as a slurry to the cutting tool through a single hose.

Proven Track Record 

These combined benefits mean that DIAJET is perfectly suited for cutting or cleaning applications in remote, hazardous or confined environments, such as: 

  • Cutting munitions for explosive ordnance disposal
  • Extinguishing/cutting for fire suppression
  • Removal of structural steel and pipework for nuclear decommissioning
  • Cutting leg piles on offshore oil platforms
  • Repair/cutting pipework and tanks for plant maintenance
  • Humanitarian mine clearance

 The video below showcases the water jet cutting capability of a DIAJET OSPREY system, a modular, portable and reconfigurable member of the DIAJET family of products.

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