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Our Capabilities

BHR Group has extensive technical capabilities including physical modelling, computational modelling, qualification testing, fluid mixing and behaviour analysis.

   Physical modelling

We have a large test facility dedicated to scaled physical modelling of complex structures. By studying the flow behaviour at scale, plant design can be optimised and performance verified to international standards by our team of specialist fluid engineers, prior to construction. Using the appropriate tools and scaling laws, our physical models can be used to measure and assess flow distribution, velocity and pressure variations, flow patterns, sediment deposition, scour and air entrainment.

Our areas of expertise include:Inlet works, Pumping stations, Intakes & outfall structures, Dams, Sluices and Barrages.

   Computational modelling

We apply our expertise in mathematical modelling for range of flow systems using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), 1D System Modelling, Plume Modelling and Optimisation Algorithms to assess the effectiveness of new designs, design optimisation and materials modelling, including the accurate representation of properties predicted by manufacturing simulation within structural FEA.

Our areas of expertise include: fluid structure interactions, steady state and transient analysis of pipe networks, component and system performance assessment.

   Qualification testing

We have a number of dedicated, adaptable test facilities and rigs available for immediate use and we also develop tailored test programmes for clients. As independent engineering consultants, clients are assured of total impartiality in their testing regimes and results.

Our facilities can be used or adapted for qualification and acceptance testing against international, industrial and company standards. We can advise on compliance and regime testing in order to meet BSI and ISO test standards, many of which we helped author and promote.

Our areas of expertise include: flow in pipes, pressure loss, friction, turbulence flow in control and metering devices; Pump, valve, actuator, fittings; High pressure and temperature components; Seal and sealing system integrity or leakage and Proof, fatigue and burst pressure

   Fluid process engineering (mixing, slurry handing and rheology)

BHR Group has a worldwide reputation for fluid mixing expertise and related knowhow in rheology and fluid behaviour. Our understanding of the flow behaviour of complex fluids such as polymers, gels, colloidal dispersions, concentrated suspensions, emulsions, foams, micellar and liquid-crystal phases and their relevance to the appropriate application can be applied to the design, optimisation and scale-up of single and multiphase mixing processes and systems across a range of industrial sectors.

Our clients engage with us in order to scale-up fluid mixing processes, advise on troubleshooting, flexibility or optimise existing manufacturing operations by making incremental improvements in production or waste, energy and cost reduction. We offer a range of services from desk studies through to large experimental and computational modelling studies. Our fluid mixing equipment knowledge covers stirred vessels, in-line mixers, jet mixers, bubble columns, micro-reactors, rotor-stators, ultrasonic devices and bead mills.

Our areas of expertise include: Transportation and mixing in complex and turbulent flows; Open channel flow of Newtonian and non-Newtonian slurries; Rheology of dispersion and complex fluids; Vessel & Impellor characterisation; Selection and sizing of pumpsand Scale up