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Process Engineering

From paints to pasta, deodorants to decongestants; the Process Industry shares the common challenges of how to increase productivity and yield, while reducing emissions, energy use and ultimately cost.

Our Process team are experts in process development, product consistency and process modelling. We have helped companies around the world to improve performance and reduce costs in their processes.

Your Needs

Improving process efficiency can pay dividends in terms of reduced waste, decreased energy usage, better batch-to-batch repeatability or increase in yield. Our experts work with production engineers to maximise the efficiency of existing equipment through:
  • Process development and intensification
  • Reactor troubleshooting and performance
  • Process modelling and scale-up
  • Changeover from batch to continuous processing

Our Experience

We provide innovative solutions to fluid engineering challenges. We also provide the leading edge knowledge and technology you require to design, optimise and validate your process.

Our approach is to work in close co-operation with you to understand the specific and individual needs and drivers, so that we can provide solutions that are both technologically sound and commercially viable.

Alongside access to some of the industry’s leading practitioners, availability, reliability and procedural integrity are factors that are paramount to your choice of partner – and these are fundamental to the service we provide. At BHR Group we believe that a deadline is a commitment; on time and on budget with no compromise in quality.

Fluid Mixing Processes (FMP) is an industry-led research consortium, providing fluid mixing R&D for its members, since 1983. BHR's David Brown leads our process engineering team and in this interview, he explains why FMP research is so important to real-world processes. Read the interview here.