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What's been happening at BHR

Read our latest water and wastewater blog 

Operations Manager Sarah Fairhurst reflects on our modelling work of the Lee Tunnel, part of Thames Tideway. 

Read the full article....

Software Helps Utilities Overcome Sludge Pumping Challenges

Sophisticated software developed by BHR Group is helping water utilities analyse their sludge pumping systems and reduce costs. 

Read the full article....

Water Jetting Solution to Depressurise Sludge Canisters

BHR Group, the experts in fluid engineering, has secured a major contract with Magnox to deploy a DIAJET waterjetting system to depressurise sludge canisters in the storage vaults at their Berkeley site. 

Read the full article....

The latest Water and Wastewater News from the BHR team

Our latest newsletter shares recent and future projects and events. 

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Affinity Water's Richard Lake, on Water & Wastewater Pumping Conference

The international conference on water & wastewater pumping takes place in Cambridge on 20-21st November, addressing the challenges facing the water industry in response to OfWat’s objectives for PR19 and AMP7. Duncan Leathley, BHR Group’s Director of Water & Wastewater, chatted to key note speaker, Dr Richard Lake in the run up to the event.

Read the full article...

AMP 7, Pumping  Station, Modelling Rules and Inspiration 

From draft determinations, targets driving innovation and ways to achieve resilience, the latest edition of our water & wastewater newsletter discusses the industry's current hot topics and events.Read the full article....

Offshore Operations

How BHR Group is helping the Oil  & Gas industry tackle its operating and decommissioning challenges.  Read the full article....

 BHR Group's Approach to the Nuclear Industry

Collaboration, communication, and commitment, our latest newsletter talks about our recent activities in Nuclear.  Read the full article....

Women Leading the Way at BHR Group

Two of BHR Group's senior female leaders talk about our new Water and Wastewater Pumping conference, how it will address the challenges the Water industry faces in response to OfWat's current price review (PR19) and how you can get involved! Read the full Interview...

BHR and OMS create new water jetting solution

BHR Group is working with Optical Metrology Services (OMS) to deliver a new standard in decommissioning.  BHR Group's waterjet cutting expertise, partnered with OMS' unrivalled experience in precision manipulation provides arestricted access, safe cutting solution that will help operators reduce plant down time and utilise precision cutting at both distance and within confined spaces.  Read more details here...

Innovation through necessity: how we’re helping the nuclear decommissioning industry tackle its challenges

In an industry that has a primary focus on safety and stewardship; it can be hard to modify established behaviours and protocols quickly. 
So how can organisations such as the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) maximise their effectiveness whilst delivering on their mission to provide a “safe and efficient clean-up of the nation’s nuclear legacy"?...Read the Full Article

Productivity up, costs down!

Across the process industries, BHR’s clients share the common challenges of how to increase productivity and yield, while reducing emissions, energy use and ultimately cost. Working with complex and simple fluids, we have helped companies around the world to improve performance and reduce costs in their processes. In this edition of our newsletter focused on process manufacturing, we share our expertise in mixing, a key factor in product consistency from lab to production scale.... Read the Full Article

As OFWAT starts to evaluate AMP7 business plans, BHR Group plans for their delivery

With water companies’ business plans now submitted to OFWAT for scrutiny, Water UK unveiled its Manifesto for Water, highlighting company proposals for major investment. AMP7, the seventh Asset Management Period of the UK water industry, is due to run from 2020 to 2025 and will address the challenges facing the water industry. BHR Group is ideally placed to support this critically important process... Read the Full Article

BHR Gains IMechE Accreditation

As part of BHR Group’s ongoing commitment to professional development and excellence, we have recently become accredited as a Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS) provider by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). This commitment from BHR enables our new engineers to follow a workplace-based route to Chartership.... Read the Full Article

BHR to Supply Veolia Nuclear Solutions (UK) Limited with Water Jetting Solution

BHR Group has been awarded a contract to supply a skid mounted 690bar cutting system to Veolia Nuclear Solutions (UK) Limited (VNS-UK).  VNS-UK, a wholly owned subsidiary of Veolia Nuclear Solutions are remote handling specialists currently developing a long-reach robotic manipulator for limited access cutting.They will be operating in environments with restricted access to cut and remove complex structures and a variety of exotic materials.......Read the Full Article

BHR Open Day for the Water Industry

On 12th July, BHR Group opened its doors to various key stakeholders in the water and wastewater industry. These included water companies, engineering consultants, pump suppliers and the Department for International Trade. The day was an opportunity to showcase what we do and the benefits that physical model studies bring to a design......Read the Full Article

BHR Open Day for MAA Members

The continuing challenge to design safer, lighter and more fuel efficient aircraft drives the aerospace industry to constantly push the boundaries of development. Digital engineering is increasingly being utilised to drive advancement and tackle such challenges. Working with the Midlands Aerospace Alliance (MAA), the BHR team organised an event to help MAA members gain insights and share experiences of this exciting and disruptive technological advancement......Read the Full Article

BHR Open Day for BVAA Members

BHR Group is committed to engaging with companies via professional membership organisations to showcase and share our core areas of expertise.  We were delighted to work with the British Valve & Actuator Association to offer their members an exclusive seminar and tour of our premises.....Read the Full Article

BHR Group Welcomes Mott MacDonald's Young Engineers

BHR Group is committed to supporting the development of young engineers both within our business and through our associated network.  We have been working closely with Mott MacDonald on a number of projects over the last few years, currently on the physical modelling of two interception chambers and associated vortex dropshafts for the Thames Tideway Tunnel.s.....Read the Full Article