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Happy Christmas from all of us at BHR!

As we look forward to a well-deserved Christmas break, we've been taking time to look back at the year and reflect on how far we've come in 2018.

Take a look at our 12 months of BHR and click on the images to see the full picture......


Working with clients such as WS Atkins, Hyder, Nass Group, Petroserv and Mott MacDonald, our water and wastewater team are world experts in hydraulic modelling, as evidenced in our showcase video.


Technical challenges require specialist solutions in nuclear decomm and we’re helping the industry tackle those challenges with our unique DIAJET abrasive-water jet cutting and cleaning equipment.


As part of our ongoing commitment to professional development and excellence, BHR is now accredited as a Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS) provider by the IMechE.


With the emphasis on long-term performance and value for money, BHR hosted a learning and networking event for our water industry colleagues, sharing our knowledge of how physical modelling can inform design and development. 


Working with the Midlands Aerospace Alliance (MAA), the BHR team devised an event to help MAA members gain insights and share experiences of the technological advancements in digital engineering. 


Our process experts offer support to scale-up, optmize and trouble-shoot complex processes across a wide range of industries, from paints to petrochemicals and shampoos to soft drinks.


Our flagship conference for the oil and gas sector is a staple in the industry’s calendar. Multiphase expert, Professor Jim Brill shared his memories of 30 years of the Multiphase Technology Conference.


With 30+ year’s expertise on in-line mixers through our consultancy and R&D consortia, BHR was impeccably qualified to contribute to this feature article in Chemical Engineering, on making the best impeller choice.


The application of good fundamental elastomer science in a desk study of seal failures for client, National Grid had "a significant impact on asset maintenance."


Cyclic hydraulic pressure testing of safety critical aircraft components helped AAR Corp ensure that their aircraft components can withstand the fatigue effects of repeated pressure cycling in operation. 


Extensive knowledge of working with river intakes enabled us to recommend design modifications to the Prioress Mill Raw Water Pumping Station, helping our client achieve significant improvements. 


Our precision cutting equipment convinced Magnox Berkley that waterjetting was the method of choice for their challenge “With the expert advice and hands-on approach of BHR we have moved from waterjetting being one possible choice of can piercing to the preferred choice.”