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BHR Group

BHR Group is an independent technology organisation providing engineering consultancy, industrial research and product development services based on its core expertise in fluids engineering.  We apply our knowhow to develop or improve innovative designs, process and products for customers across many industrial sectors around the world.

We grew out of the BHRA (British Hydromechanics Research Association), one of the founding Research Associations established by the UK government in the 1940’s.  We are now a privately owned company and seek to leverage our extensive technology base through effective strategic partnerships, to broaden market presence and enhance our core technologies.

Our Vision is to be the global leader in fluid engineering research and consultancy in our targeted markets.  We do this by providing expert impartial advice, technical specialists and integrated engineering and management functions across the project or product life-cycle.


BHR Group organises internationally respected technical conferences which attract leading speakers, delegates, exhibitors and sponsors from around the globe.

ConferencesConferences are organised so that delegates can discover the latest technological advances, meet manufacturers and suppliers, and learn about real applications. 

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